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Intelligent commerce
fills a valuable need


Nogin builds, grows and future-proofs online businesses whose needs are too complex for low cost SAAS ecommerce platforms, yet require more flexibility and economic viability than provided by enterprise solutions.

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Nogin delivers exponential results in:
industry growth rate traffic rankings customer acquisition and retention predictive analytics  logistics and fulfillment supply chain operations  enterprise level solutions 

Nogin enables your brand to drive consistent and predictable profitability by providing access to all the resources your brand needs. With no hidden or spiked cost, Nogin unlocks benchmarks, best practices and behavioral data while combining customer, industry and market intelligence all wrapped in one platform that gets smarter after every conversion.

The integration of our technology and Nogin experts drives your brand’s performance with many-to-many architecture that enables intelligent catalogs and empowers you to enact on your data in real-time. Our flawless ecosystem of R&D, strategy, and intelligent insights drive operations that scale profitability and revenues beyond what you would get out of an individual or in-house team.

After all the hidden and sunk costs, brands are losing money. Nogin’s order management and web management systems unify the brand experience at an enterprise scale, at lower costs and provide greater sell-through with complete ownership of financial results. Our shared success model guarantees that we win only when your brand wins.

Nogin measures every aspect of customer and industry behavior in real-time, all the time. Our solution generates intelligence around customer personas and industry trends and our vast database of current and former clients improves margins, customer loyalty, and brand affinity.

Our platform outperforms generational platforms and prevents the need to ever upgrade, customize, or seek improvements to your foundational architecture. While constant improvements to our solution and Nogin Geniuses make the Nogin partnership your final destination.


What makes Nogin smarter

Nogin leverages the best technology, experts and consumer insights to deliver your customers the high-performing, seamless online experience they demand while you liberate margins and drive growth.


Nogin AI processes billions of interactions, analyzes activity across your entire operation and acts on it in real-time to help you unlock growth and identify the source of lost revenues.


Nogin’s software platform was designed to grow into the future. We are in constant R&D mode to keep generating value and performance. Whether we run the platform, or you license the software, and manage it in-house, your ecommerce solution will never be behind or obsolete.


We see everything, so you can benefit from it. From diagnosing problems and implementing solutions to accessing collective knowledge and implementing best practices, – we identify opporutunities to make your data actionable.


We’re not software vendors that sell and leave. We are industry experts that manage superior ecommerce results by staying ahead of the market. Partnering with Nogin means an ongoing relationship built around achieving your goals.


Most brands track their customers across one store

Most brands track their customers across one store

We track customers across an entire industry

By measuring every aspect of customer behavior in real-time, Nogin compiles powerful data that informs our data lake and self-learning ecommere intelligence. This means Nogin ecommerce solutions get smarter every time a customer makes a purchase.



Software As Your Solution

Nogin’s approach attacks critical business issues that enable ecommerce growth, performance and profitability.

The synthesis of flawless artificial intelligence, R&D, proprietary algorithms and shopper insights combined with synergistic and strategic approaches deliver scalable results that outpace individual experts, teams and the industry at-large.

While our flexible, many-to-many architecture enables intelligent catalogs to enact on data in real-time, every time.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ENGAGEMENT SHOPPER IQ SHOPPING DATA insights +personas analytics +algorithms strategy campaign +media buys ENGAGEMENT SHOPPING DATA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE SHOPPER IQ analytics + algorithms strategy campaign + media buys insights + personas


Working with brands across all categories and price points

Nogin’s learning and advancement came from helping the world's largest brands


Situational AnalysisHurley needed a new store - After Hurley parted ways with its owner Nike, the brand needed to rebuild an entire global ecommerce operation, team, and data from the ground up.

RESULTS• Beat forecasts by 240% in year one
• 300% monthly increase in email opt-ins 6 months after launch
• Grew site revenue from email and SMS 400% in 6 months
• Built paid channels from scratch and maintained 700% ROAS

HOW WE DID IT • Replatformed an entire ecommerce operation onto Nogin’s Core technology
• Leveraged rich brand content to drive comprehensive digital strategy
• Implemented a convergence model between inventory merchandising, email, paid media, and ecommerce resulting in improved efficiencies and conversion rates

From the ground up in 60 days
Slide Farewell legacy system.
Welcome to the global future.

Situational AnalysisHoneywell’s brands, The Original Muck Boot Company and XtraTuf, sought a partner that could replace its legacy digital platform with a solution that could handle more volume—on the backend and front end—in a global marketplace.

RESULTS• Beat annual sales forecast in year one
• Grew revenue by over 350% in under two years
• Increased drop ship business by 10x
• 359% increase in Black Friday revenue

HOW WE DID IT• Nogin syndicated their entire multi-brand catalogue to 10 different marketplaces, growing drop ship business
• Strategized ecommerce for a global market by building a multi-lingual and multi-currency central platform
• Leveraged Shopify’s strengths and bridged its shortcomings with Nogin’s platform and processes
• Centralized management and fulfillment of online orders for its multiple footwear brands to customers across the U.S., Canada, U.K. and EU.
• Consolidated all data under a single architecture that could propagate to all the regional stores

Slide Remapped and recharged marketing systems

Situational AnalysisHeritage brand Frye experienced inefficient management and higher costs as a result of contracting multiple agencies to operate it’s ecommerce site. In turn, Frye lacked advanced digital marketing tools and a centralized, knowledgeable team to integrate them.

RESULTS• SMS program drove over $1.2M in sales and a 483% ROAS
• 27% increase in mobile CVR (Conversion Rate)
• 17% increase in mobile revenue YoY
• 26% increase in AOV (Average Order Value)
• 25% Increased customer loyalty
• 32% YoY in number of sessions that reached checkout
• Doubled gift card sales YOY during 2019 holiday season

HOW WE DID IT• Led the convergence of multiple teams—tech, marketing, strategy and planning—to greater efficiency and results
• Revamped the shopping funnel from every source, optimized for every device
• Implemented new payment methods that integrated seamlessly
• Launched new SMS program and loyalty programs to reach and retain customers

CASE STUDIES See how we’ve made ecommerce smarter for these brands


Two ways to work with Nogin

Use our advanced technology or use our tech and our experts

Our approach allows you to either use our enterprise platform and our applications or to leverage our complete end-to-end services. If you have the people we can provide the technology. If you need our people, we can provide the expertise.

You do it


An intelligent suite of data-fueled commerce tech and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business and supercharge your store.

We do it


From end-to-end and start-to-finish, Nogin handles every aspect of building and running an online store. Everything from go-to-market strategies and product marketing to distribution and customer service.


Nogin just didn’t get so smart over night

Jan Christopher Nugent CEO

Ecommerce started with two online Superstores: and These online stores featured millions of SKUs from thousands of companies and was powered by a superior many-to-many architecture that enabled thousands of sites from a central catalog and omni-channel drop shipping from thousands of vendors. This ground-breaking technology was created by the founders of Nogin and essentially the driver of today’s modern ecommerce landscape.

The founders went on to expand their platform for the world’s top tech brands, building both then Digital River and eventually Jan Nugent and Geoffrey Van Haeren’s passion shifted to fashion brands.


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Whether you’re an established business who’s growth has stalled, a startup or a thriving brand faced with expensive upgrades and hires – we have the technology and expertise to help you find operational efficiencies, acquire customers, drive sales and minimize costs.
Learn more about how Nogin’s Intelligent Commerce solutions can help you successfully manage your ecommerce business across all channels and drive revenue exponentially.