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Beyond Creative Design Services: Intelligent design for e-commerce

If your e-commerce brand is experiencing stagnant sales, low conversion rates, and abandoned shopping carts, you might consider outsourcing your design services for a creative reboot. Branded Online offers a full range of creative design services that will elevate your brand’s image and get your customers excited about pressing that “buy” button. Arnold Randall, director of creative services at Branded Online, explains how.

How can Branded Online help?

Experience: Brands who come to us for help are interested in doing more creative marketing, exploring additional design tactics, and targeting more site traffic. Our clients look to our creative design team to project their unique brand voice. We have designers with many years of experience working behind these walls. Although we are well known for our work in luxury fashion, we also have experience working with many different industries and a variety of demographics. If a brand is serious about growing their business and selling their message creatively, we can help.

Engagement: One of the most unique aspects to Branded Online’s creative approach is how fully immersed we become within the brand. We dive into the brand’s essence and history to really understand what they’re all about. This depth of knowledge then informs our decisions on how we can best support them.

Data-driven: A real benefit to working with us is the fact that we love data. It’s critical to have an amazing designer and a well-designed site, but it’s also vitally important to actually have the data to support them. We don’t just provide images; we also provide data to provide insights into why those images work and what we can do to better optimize the site and convert shoppers into customers. We meet weekly with our clients to discuss how their current campaigns are performing and make recommendations for any necessary changes going forward.

Flexibility: Many brands love being provided with soup-to-nuts services, but because brands tend to be very passionate about brand voice, some prefer to provide their own copy, which we then add to the site’s design. We have copywriters who can work with the brand to review keywords, brand voice, and brand aesthetic for their weekly campaigns. Or, if a brand wants us to do everything—including writing copy—we do that, too. In fact, we love the opportunity because it gets us even more engaged with the brand.

What creative services does Branded Online offer?

We provide a full gamut of everything a client needs to communicate to customers. For example, brands come to us looking for dynamic and creative e-mails that get measurable results. In such cases, we come up with campaigns; our client approves these campaigns; and then our creative team executes them. A client may want two or three emails sent out per week, so our internal team takes care of this. We can also create supporting headline banners and banners for social media outlets.

We assist with website design by creating or updating individual pages as needed, but we also do a full site redesign once a year for existing clients. Our new clients often need a site redesign when they first come to us, as well. We sit down with the brand to go through likes and dislikes, what’s working and what’s not. Because of our experience working with other clients, we have a lot of insight to guide this process. We know where to best place a banner ad or what shape the call-to-action button should be. The discussion gets very detailed to inform a successful redesign.

When should brands keep creative services in-house?

If you’re a very small brand, with only a handful of employees, that is doing under $500,000 a year, it probably makes sense to keep creative design in-house. But, if you’re a mid-size or larger brand who wants to expand and grow your business, Branded Online is the data-driven, full-service creative partner you want on your design services team.

Learn more about how Branded Online’s innovative and affordable e-commerce solutions can level the playing field and fuel your brand to compete with big retail: contact us at or call us at (949) 336-1416.

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